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APSOT, Asociación del Personal Superior de la Organización Techint (TECHINT GROUP ASSOCIATION OF SENIOR STAFF), is a health maintenance organization within the Argentine National Health Care System, enrolled in the National Registry of Health Maintenance Organizations Act 23.660, Act 23.661, under the control of the Health Services Regulatory Body.

In 1960 it started to promote and provide medical services for the personnel of of the Techint Group and their families.

In 1972 a civil organization was founded. It was in charge of the health care of the management personnel from the Techint Group related companies.

APSOT is a Health Care Organization for the personnel not subject to collective labor agreement on the mentioned companies.


APSOT's mission

To consolidate APSOT as the best option for medical care benefits for the employees of the TECHINT Group, satisfying their needs with the full conviction of offering state-of-the-art technology and high quality medical services. Likewise to keep an expansion plan, increasing the amount of beneficiaries, and to promote health care services that offer adequate plans.

Our Vision

To provide the best integral health solutions to the employees of the TECHINT Group. To properly administer the resources of its beneficiaries. To optimize the relationship with primary holder beneficiaries and their families or with subscribed non-primary holders, increasing the information flow. To Strengthen APSOT's presence within TG.


    Revision 0 - January 2013

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